About Lisa

– Lisa JY Tan –

Economist in the field of token engineering (ecosystem economics and financial economics)

TL;DR: started 2 business, lived in 6 countries. Now running 2 companies. Previously an entrepreneur, now a research economist/designer economist in the economics of token engineering.  That includes designing incentive mechanisms in multi-sided platforms, governance mechanisms and data analytics.

I love what I do. It feels like I am running a few startups at a time (because I am), with the best people. And it’s fun to be a driver with all these brilliant projects.

If you want all the associations and organisations and that business-y things I am part of, please find it on LinkedIn. My life is 100% more than those networks and lovely people and this site is for the other non-business-y aspects of me.

I’m immensely grateful to be able to do what I love and that the world finds value in it. Happiness is a state, and I could die right now from happiness and all the beauty of life. What a wonderful life. What an exciting time to be alive!

“About Lisa” FAQ

  • How did you become you? By reflection and introspection.

  • How do you live your life? By failing a lot.

  • What do you live by? With Principles

  • Life’s answer

  • Where is home? People are homes.

  • What do you want to do before you die? (1) see ED being recognised worldwide, (2) inspire little girls to become who they want to be when they grow up, (3) make the world a tiny bit better in my little field

My Happy Place: Ikigai

Lisa is a deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets and cryptosystems.  She comes from an economics background and sees huge potential to bridge the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world.

Lisa now pours her passion for economics into designing, teaching and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable token economy and networks.

What I Love

  • Using economics to explain, design and engineer efficient ecosystems

  • Geopolitics and implications of strategic action by one party

  • Cross-culture perspective and appreciation: travelartpoetry and history

  • Single malts

  • Understanding the brain and why it works that way and hack it to be better: neurology, psychology, hypnosis

  • Why we do what we do, why we behave like this, why we think like that: philosophy

  • Reading because learning is a beautiful life-long process

  • The beach, water, sand and sun

  • Making quality friends through cooking and baking. Also anti-stress activities

  • Penning the thoughts in my head on ink

  • Art, the highest level of anything that exists

  • Poetry, because we can turn emotions into words that touches you from within

  • Creating structures and plans: modeling success, how to get to new heights, baseline frameworks

  • I love love. Love is the best thing we humans do

What the World Needs

  • Innovation and new ways to doing things

  • New business models to unleash untapped potential

  • Proper incentive mechanisms that takes into considerations the changing dynamics of complex systems and interactions between participants

  • Balance between single variable optimisation and social utility functions

  • Incentive alignment of various participants in the system (be it government, businesses, social efforts, households, etc)

What I can be Paid For

  • Designing new token business models in digital asset ecosystems

  • Research on the economic value add of tokenisation

  • Managing projects of token ecosystems

  • Research for regulation and policies for token economics and CBDC

What I am Good At

  • Cross-pollinating ideas and concepts from one industry to another

  • Aggregating information and cross-associating them

  • Writing and expressing thoughts into words

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Researcher and designer of the economics of tokenisation at www.economicsdesign.com